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The Community Futures conferencing network can improve your ability to effectively communicate with businesses and organizations and foster opportunities across B.C. & Canada without incurring the costs of travel.

What this new tool can do for you:

  • Meet with individuals who would normally be unavailable
  • Interview applicants for job opportunities without the cost of travel
  • Hold meetings with affiliates or head office
  • Police or law enforcement issues
  • Meet with medical specialists

With advance notice, Video Conferences can accommodate outside of normal office hours. 

Video Conferencing and Small Business BC 

Community Futures Nicola Valley has partnered with Small Business BC to offer small business owners informative video conferencing seminars on a variety of topics! For a list of video conferencing seminars offered by Small Business BC, please visit: 


Call: 250-378-3923 for rates.

(Non- profit agencies are eligible for lower rates)



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