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Community & other Partnerships

At Community Futures we believe that managing ongoing health or disability issues should not be a barrier to business success. Since 1997 our Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program (EDP) has made it easier for entrepreneurs with disabilities or ongoing health conditions to pursue their business goals by providing access to a network of business professionals and resources.


 Nicola Valley Farmers Market & Fresh Finds

Becoming a Vendor at the Farmers' Market, find out more HERE
The Nicola Valley Farmers' Market (NVFM) is a Non-Profit Society which works to provide local vendors who "make, bake, or grow" their products a community market to sell their goods at. The Nicola Valley Farmers' Market is an integral part of the community, bringing the community members together Saturday's from May to October, providing the community with a chance to buy local and keep our community thriving through local commerce! Go Green... Buy LOCAL!

 Fresh Finds

Community Futures Nicola Valley partners with the Nicola Valley Farmer's Market on FRESH FINDS, an exciting zero-cost program that lets those interested in trying out being a vendor at the Farmer's Market. If you call the Nicola Valley home and have something special that you make, bake, grow or otherwise produce yourself
  ~ you can access a spot, a table, and a tent all for FREE! 
   *If you're interested in learning more and to book your spot, contact Community Futures Nicola Valley.


Experience Nicola Valley Tourism

We are a team of community story tellers (some refer to us as bloggers) who enjoy sharing our Merritt adventures and experiences as we explore throughout the Nicola Valley region of  Merritt, British Columbia, Canada. However, all of us come from various backgrounds with our own personal passions and interests.  Therefore, as a group,  it is our mission to inspire, educate and share with you the many experiences we enjoy here in Nicola Valley as we work, play and live everyday to its fullest.


Experience Merritt MemberExperience Merritt ~ Nicola Valley Tourism Club Canada Travel Logo

Merritt, BC Canada Tourism and Adventure Travel Guide - Merritt British Columbia is a four season tourism destination with many of the amenities visitors crave to create lasting memories. The community is nestled on the banks of the Nicola and Coldwater Rivers. Consequently, surrounding the community are hundreds of world-class backcountry lakes, wilderness campsites and trails. Every thing we do is country.  Merritt British Columbia provides a different lake and adventure a day while you stay. It is that good! Start planning travels today to Merritt. 


Canada Summer Jobs

Canada Summer Jobs provides wage subsidies to employers from not-for-profit organizations, the public sector, and private sector organizations with 50 or fewer full-time employees, to create quality summer work experiences for young people aged 15 to 30 years.
Community Futures Nicola Valley has been involved with Canada Summer Jobs for at least 10 years now, and this year we have 2 employees through the program. We are grateful for CSJ!


Ready for Resilience 

An online reference library for Merritt & the Nicola Valley for life's daily challenges.
 Brought to you by Jean Kiegerl

 -  the ability to cope with change -  is the everyday work of  finding the knowledge and skills to deal with life's surprises.  


Annual Not-for-Profit Community Engagement Fair

 Community Futures Nicola Valley has plans to host another Annual Not-for-Profit Community Engagement Fair with over 40 Non-Profit organization participants. STAY TUNED ! 


City of Merritt

The heart of the beautiful Nicola Valley. Merritt is at the junction of the Coquilhalla Highway system, an engineering marvel completed in 1991 that has made Merritt the gateway to the Interior of British Columbia. Merritt is a three hour drive to five international airports, giving our residents, visitors, and business people quick access to destinations and markets around the world. Merritt boasts a favourable climate with long hours of sunshine and very little precipitation throughout the year.
We work with local organizations and agencies to facilitate sustainable solutions and emphasize the principles of; self-reliance, growing within, and strategic responses to change.      Visit the City of Merritt's Website here

Nicola Valley Community Arts Council (NVCAC)

The Nicola Valley Community Arts Council (NVCAC) is the umbrella organization for the delivery of art, culture and heritage in Merritt and the Nicola Valley. The NVCAC operates the Art Gallery, hosts a variety of cultural events and plays a supportive role for other community partners in the delivery of special events. A Community Concert Series has also become a key feature of the NVCAC s output. CFDCNV supports the NVCAC through a variety of means including: membership; ex-officio Board representation; strategic planning coordination; contracted services (including authoring of the Summary for the Cultural Mapping Report ; and, facilitation / editing of the draft Arts, Culture and Heritage Policy (Bylaw) for the City of Merritt (as contracted through the NVCAC).

Merritt Country Christmas

  This is a signature, annual event for Merritt and the Nicola Valley involving a large cadre of volunteers and resources. Organizational “partners” include diverse corporate interests / small businesses, the Chamber of Commerce, CFDCNV and of course the Country Christmas Committee. This is an important community building initiative that also has appeal to regionally close-in visitors. The complex logistics include: Photos with Santa; the Festival of Trees; Dance Recital, Wreath Walk, Children's Crafts, Community Concert, Craft Fair, Community Band, Transit Light-Up Tour, Breakfast with Santa, and, the largest evening (Christmas) Parade in the province!

Merritt & District Chamber of Commerce

The Merritt and District Chamber of Commerce is a membership based voice of the business community. CFDCNV supports the Chamber through dynamic partnerships such as: Sponsorship of a dedicated award category at the annual Business Excellence Awards; Board and Ex-Officio representation; and, project based collaborations with the City of Merritt and Community Futures Nicola Valley.


WorkBC Centre Merritt

WorkBC connects job seekers and employers - helping people find jobs, explore career options and improve their skills, and helping employers find the right talent and grow their businesses.


Nicola Valley Food Bank

Nicola Valley Food Bank - Home | Facebook The Nicola Valley and District Food Bank is an important indicator of the economic and social well-being of the community. In addition to ensuring that at-risk residents are ensured of adequate nutrition, a Food Bank can play a catalyzing role in achieving true “Food Security”. Within the rubric, there is a host of Social Enterprise opportunities (specialty, community based agriculture – from Nutraceuticals to Aquaponics that usually benefit from capacity building and organization development assistance – even funding) – all within the CFDCNV community building philosophy.


Canadian Country Music and Heritage Society (CSCMH)

The organization is the Canadian Society of Country Music and Heritage,
incorporated April 7, 2021 under the Society Act, Province of B.C.

The Purpose of the Society:

a) To provide a venue for the display, interpretation and promotion of artifacts and memorabilia associated with the history of Country Music and the Country life style in Canada.
b) To provide a venue for the display, interpretation and promotion of artifacts and memorabilia associated with Canada’s Country Music Hall of Honour and Western heritage.
c) To animate and promote the importance of Canadian Country Music, in both its contemporary representations and regionally diverse historical roots.
d) To support educational curricula and encourage accessibility to a demographically and culturally diverse population.
e) To engage specific target groups including Youth, Seniors and the general community.
f) To build alliances and linkages with other interpretive venues and programs which seek to build cross-cultural awareness, enhance community inclusiveness and create an artistic bridge between historical and contemporary Canadian culture - as expressed through music and western heritage.


Invest Local BC

Whether you’re a nonprofit or co-operative looking to fund your project, or a community member looking for ways to donate, InvestLocalBC is here for you! 




Pacific CanSDE

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Community Futures Nicola Valley respectfully acknowledges the traditional and unceded
territories of the Nle?kepmx and Syilx Nations of the Nicola Valley

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