Thompson Okanagan Tourism Micro Loan Program


Community Futures Nicola Valley, the Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association (TOTA), and eight other Community Futures offices in the region have formed a taskforce to support tourism businesses. The Thompson Okanagan Tourism Micro Loan is now available through TOTA’s Tourism Resiliency Program.

In July 2020, a formal agreement was formed to create the Community Futures - TOTA Taskforce in commitment to the development of an active and meaningful relationship on the path to rebuilding a resilient tourism industry in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Invest Local BC

invest local

Crowdfunding is becoming increasingly well-understood as a means of generating funding commitments for start-up businesses – especially in the arts and culture sectors. Lead examples include and many others.   Invest Local BC is a crowdfunding platform with a unique twist.   Social Enterprise projects are the focus rather than small business. Whether a community leisure facility or movie theatre, not-for-profits can utilize this provincial wide platform to inform and motivate potential supporters. CFDCNV is pleased to endorse Invest Local BC and looks forward to populating our region’s section with robust and relevant community economic development projects searching for donors , sponsors and partners.


Canadian Country Music Heritage Society (CCMHS)


The organization is the Canadian Country Music Heritage Society, incorporated June 15, 2012 under the Society Act, Province of BC (Number: S-0059941).

The Purpose of the Society:

(a) To provide a venue for the display, interpretation and promotion of artifacts and memorabilia associated with the history of Country Music in Canada; (b) To provide a venue for the display, interpretation and promotion of artifacts associated with Canada’s Country Music Hall of Fame; (c) To animate and promote the importance of Canadian Country Music, in both its contemporary representations and regionally diverse, historical roots; (d) To encourage and facilitate community out-reach activities designed to promote tolerance, understanding and cross-cultural engagement through the inter-connectivity of Canadian country music traditions; (e) To support educational curricula and encourage accessibility to a demographically and culturally diverse student population; (f) To engage specific target groups including: Youth Engagement (archival and live entertainment / workshops); Seniors (archival and live entertainment / workshops); and, Community Connectivity through holistic and therapeutic outreach to individuals and groups in otherwise isolated living environments.”

The Society operates the museum / interpretive facility known as “The Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame – Merritt, BC”. visit Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame.


Tourism Nicola Valley

Tourism Nicola Valley 2017

TNV was created in 2012 as an alternative organizational approach to funding tourism marketing and product development in Merritt and the Nicola Valley. Previous to TNV, the Merritt Hotel Association (MHA) was mandated to collect a 2% accommodation tax on overnight stays with the funds remitted to the Province and in turn, channeled to the City of Merritt for approved distribution on MHA spending priorities. That relationship did not endure and the community was at risk of losing an important tourism funding approach. CFDCNV was asked to research alternates. We identified a new structure involving the voluntary collection of a ‘2% levy’ (not a mandated tax), worked with the hoteliers to craft a vision, mandate and operational structure. CFDCNV has recommended a formalized approach to Tourism Destination Management for Merritt and the Nicola Valley – we continue to work with TNV to achieve this!


Nicola Valley Community Arts Council (NVCAC)

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The Nicola Valley Community Arts Council (NVCAC) is the umbrella organization for the delivery of art, culture and heritage in Merritt and the Nicola Valley. The NVCAC operates the Art Gallery, hosts a variety of cultural events and plays a supportive role for other community partners in the delivery of special events. A Community Concert Series has also become a key feature of the NVCAC s output. CFDCNV supports the NVCAC through a variety of means including: membership; ex-officio Board representation; strategic planning coordination; contracted services (including authoring of the Summary for the Cultural Mapping Report ; and, facilitation / editing of the draft Arts, Culture and Heritage Policy (Bylaw) for the City of Merritt (as contracted through the NVCAC).

Country Christmas

merritt country christmas

This is a signature, annual event for Merritt and the Nicola Valley involving a large cadre of volunteers and resources. Organizational “partners” include diverse corporate interests / small businesses, the Chamber of Commerce, CFDCNV and of course the Country Christmas Committee. This is an important community building initiative that also has appeal to regionally close-in visitors. The complex logistics include: Photos with Santa; the Festival of Trees; Dance Recital, Wreath Walk, Children's Crafts, Community Concert, Craft Fair, Community Band, Transit Light-Up Tour, Breakfast with Santa, and, the largest evening (Christmas) Parade in the province!


Merritt and District Chamber of Commerce

merritt chamber

The Merritt and District Chamber of Commerce is a membership based voice of the business community.   CFDCNV supports the Chamber through dynamic partnerships such as:   Sponsorship of a dedicated award category at the annual Business Excellence Awards; Board and Ex-Officio representation; and, project based collaborations (the latest being the “Merritt Business Walk”).


The Nicola Valley and District Food Bank

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The Nicola Valley and District Food Bank is an important indicator of the economic and social well-being of the community.   In addition to ensuring that at-risk residents are ensured of adequate nutrition, a Food Bank can play a catalyzing role in achieving true “Food Security”.   Within the rubric, there is a host of Social Enterprise opportunities (specialty, community based agriculture – from Nutriceuticals to Aquaponics that usually benefit from capacity building and organization development assistance – even funding) – all within the CFDCNV community building philosophy.

About Community Futures

For over 30 years, Community Futures has been fostering entrepreneurship in rural BC.  Find out more…

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